NEWS: Jamie Hutchings unveils new band Infinity Broke

DS Featured Imageinfinitybroke

It has been a six years since Jamie Hutchings put Bluebottle Kiss on indefinite hiatus to focus on what has become a successful solo career with each solo release met with growing critical acclaim. Now Hutchings has returned to a fuller, noisier and more rhythmically intense sound with his new band Infinity Broke which features ex Bluebottle Kiss drummer Jared Harrison alongside regular Hutchings collaborators Scott Hutchings and Rueben Wills.

The album River Mirrors has been recorded and now they are putting the call out for funds to cover the mastering and manufacture of CDs and vinyl. Head over to their Pozible Campaign and check out the various rewards you can expect from your financial pledge.

The excellent first single to come from the new album is Swing a Kitten which is available now on Bandcamp and Infinity Broke will be playing their first show on Friday, November 1st at  Black Wire Records, 219 Parramatta Rd, Annandale alongside Ted Danson With Wolves and Trent Marden Ich (of the Holy Soul).

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