ALBUM REVIEW: Bad//Dreems – Gutful

There’s an inauspicious start with the BD-by numbers Johnny Irony but any doubts of a sophomore slump are quickly quashed by first single Mob Rule which utilises gang chants and pub rock bar chords to rail against the narrow-minded, pack mentality sub-cultures in Australian society. That sentiment permeates much of the album, blatantly and subtly. It’s their statement of sorts and it comes at a timely … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Bad//Dreems – Gutful

NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems – Feeling Remains

Bad//Dreems have released the second single from their forthcoming new LP Gutful (out April 21st). Feeling Remains is reliably and solidly straight from the BD songbook. It has those tension-filled verses they do so well, full of tumbling toms and rolling bass, with Alex Cameron’s guitar clipped and urgent downstrokes carving out a stacatto rhythm that contrasts with a Saints/Sex Pistols descending chord progression. It defines their … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems – Feeling Remains

NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems – Mob Rule

The Adelaide lads have turned things around pretty quickly following the long awaited release of Dogs At Bay last year. They’ve again worked with producer Mark Optiz and engineer Colin Wynne in their Melbourne studio, recording their upcoming sophomore release. The first track to come from the new album is the single ‘Mob Rule’ which hits a big gonzo chant of a chorus, sonically taking … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems – Mob Rule

NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems announce Album, Single and Tour

Finally those Adelaide reprobates Bad//Dreems have gone and announced their album Dogs At Bay is complete and ready to do the business from August 21st. Produced by Mark Opitz (AC/DC, The Angels, INXS, Cold Chisel) it’s been a long time coming but it will no doubt be worth the wait given the superb singles ‘Dumb Ideas’/’My Only Friend’ and ‘Cuffed and Collared’ that have already been released from … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems announce Album, Single and Tour

NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems – Cuffed & Collared

As our favourite Australian band slowly edge closer to releasing their elusive debut LP they’ve gone and done it again – released a killer single. ‘Cuffed & Collared’ possesses all the key ingredients for a Bad//Dreems song… inescapable melody, tangled and chiming guitar lines, super-tight and propulsive rhythm section and surging chorus. Sounding like The Angels if they were still relevant and releasing knife-edge rock n … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems – Cuffed & Collared

LIVE REVIEW: Bad//Dreems @ Black Wire Records, Sydney (23/05/14)

Jimmy Junk Heart made the trip up from Melbourne and they were tasked with loosening up the atmosphere of the slowly filling record shop that would be full to capacity within the hour. They played an admirable set and there was potential behind their tentative performance. From ‘fresh outta the practice room’ garage rock to a strong Tame Impala influence they still seem to be … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: Bad//Dreems @ Black Wire Records, Sydney (23/05/14)

NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems | Dumb Ideas

Bad//Dreems have nailed yet another great single with their new Mark Opitz (Angels, Rose Tattoo, Australian Crawl, Jimmy Barnes,INXS) produced single Dumb Ideas. Quiet/loud dynamics, raw vocals and slashing punk rock guitar abound. See them on their upcoming tour and grab the single on 7″. It’s officially out April 14th. 17th May – Exeter Hotel, Exeter SA 23rd May – Black Wire Records, Annandale NSW … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems | Dumb Ideas


2013 was a pretty strong year for music. From the established artists hitting their late-period straps to newcomers breathing new life into old forms, it felt like a year where a whole range of styles rose to the top. There were plenty of surprises with new albums appearing out of the blue from Bowie and MBV and also irritating marketing campaigns that felt like they … Continue reading FAVOURITE ALBUMS OF 2013

LIVE REVIEW: ARIA Week Showcase: Bad//Dreems… @ Upstairs Beresford, Sydney (27/11/13)

Bad//Dreems nearly didn’t make it up from Adelaide due to cancelled flights. Thankfully they did as they provided the most rock n roll and adventurous moments of the night. The four-piece showed why they have deservedly been 2013’s most exciting new proponents of melodic Australian guitar music. Songs like Caroline, Hoping For, Too Old and Chills were given a more caustic and anxious edge on-stage … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: ARIA Week Showcase: Bad//Dreems… @ Upstairs Beresford, Sydney (27/11/13)

REVIEW: Bad//Dreems | Badlands EP

by Chris Familton Mix small town pessimism, youthful optimism, suburban nihilism and a lo-fi aesthetic and you have some of the ingredients that make the essential sound of Bad//Dreems on their superb Badlands EP. The Adelaide natives have been teasing/threatening us for a while now with a string of singles (Chills, Tomorrow Mountain and Caroline) and now those songs plus another trio of equally terrific … Continue reading REVIEW: Bad//Dreems | Badlands EP