ALBUM REVIEW: Die! Die! Die! | S W I M

Rating810393732_10152229859698589_2222968337031940421_nDie! Die! Die! formed their sonic aesthetic early in their career, those waves of coruscating guitars, tumbling melodic bass-lines, pummelling drums and Andrew Wilson’s passionate punk yelp. S W I M (someone who isn’t me) hits all the same marks while also sounding wider and more worldly, no doubt informed by relentless touring. The fuzz and repetition of ‘Angel’, the hyper speed MBV sound of ‘She’s Clear’ and ‘Crystal’s’ hooks create a visceral, dynamic and strangely comforting blend of noise and melody, perfectly placing them on the cusp of raw punk rock and post-punk like a nervy and hyperactive Bailter Space.

this review was first published in The Music (Aug ’14)



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