NEW MUSIC: My Disco Return With New Single And Album

Melbourne trio My Disco have been fairly quiet of late but now they’re about to unleash their new album and going on the sound of first single ‘King Sound’ they’ve stripped things back even further to a dark, minimal and stealth-like piece of musical machinery. Brutal, brooding and clinical it captures the airspace between post-rock and dark electronica perfectly. The new LP Severe has been … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: My Disco Return With New Single And Album

NEW MUSIC: J M S Harrison – Precious Company

Melbourne’s J M S Harrison, also of the band charm, has a new solo single out, the second such release ahead of the full length Tales Surround The Lighthouse Lamp due in 2015. James is playing this week as part of the Glide/William Arthur tribute at the Workers Club in Melbourne on Saturday night alongside Steve Kilbey, Peter Fenton, Jamie Hutchings, Ashley Naylor, Davey Lane and … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: J M S Harrison – Precious Company

ALBUM REVIEW: Infinity Broke – River Mirrors

Over a couple of solo albums Jamie Hutchings has been ploughing fertile ground with more introspective and quieter material than that of Bluebottle Kiss, his band from 1993-2007. Now he’s convened a new band featuring ex-BBK drummer Jared Harrison and headed back into dense, noisy, exploratory and discordant rock music. River Mirrors takes many twists and turns such as the meditative Necks-ish mood on Termites (a … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Infinity Broke – River Mirrors

VIDEO: Beach Pigs – 333

Auckland quartet Beach Pigs have released a new clip for their song 333, taken from this year’s mighty fine LP Grom Warfare. The track is one of the many highlights of the album of which we said: The band’s strength is in the way they combine post-rock tonality with lush Byrdsian harmonies and the structural curiosity of a band like Pavement. That band was always … Continue reading VIDEO: Beach Pigs – 333

EP REVIEW: Hope Springs – Sooner Or Later

For a couple of years now there’s been talk of a 90s revival in music from the slacker tones of Yuck to the many vying for the title of the new Dinosaur Jr (J is still the king). Locally here in Australia there doesn’t seem to be quite the same desire to slavishly replicate the heroics of past compatriots from that era but those doing … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Hope Springs – Sooner Or Later

INTERVIEW: Philip Selway

As Radiohead prepare to start work on their ninth studio album, Philip Selway is quietly enthusiastic as he talks to CHRIS FAMILTON about the writing and recording process of his second solo album, scoring for contemporary dance and pauses to reflect on nearly thirty years as a member of the Oxford quartet. Philip Selway first emerged from behind the Radiohead drum kit in 2010 with … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Philip Selway

INTERVIEW: Blank Realm

Blank Realm received widespread critical acclaim for this year’s Grassed Inn album and with that momentum they were able to travel to Europe for the first time, playing a range of shows from intimate clubs to massive festival stages. Ahead of venturing down the highway from Brisbane to play The Blurst Of Times festival at the Factory Theatre, keyboardist and vocalist Sarah Spencer chats with … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Blank Realm

ALBUM REVIEW: Tweedy – Sukierae

It’s quite surprising that this is Jeff Tweedy’s first solo album given the extent of his career as frontman and principle songwriter with Wilco. Most would have expected him to develop a solo career on the side. He’s always shown an openness to collaborate (Loose Fur, Neil Finn) and he’s played plenty of solo shows yet this is his first foray under his own name … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Tweedy – Sukierae