NEW MUSIC: Preamp Disaster – Above The Bloodline

Swiss band Preamp Disaster released their new album By The Edges earlier this month and the main single from it is this giant, swinging slab of heavy, metallic post-rock – ‘Above The Bloodline‘. The song is one of those tracks that builds and builds in intensity and density across three minutes before the dynamics splinter and take a deep breath before the vocals enter the … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Preamp Disaster – Above The Bloodline

NEW MUSIC: Contessa di GongGong – El Camino

The impressively named Swiss trio Contessa di GongGong recently released this moody and agile instrumental track that hits a nimble and tight rhythmic groove while the rest of the group add post rock noir touches of shimmering and sparkling guitars and subtle vocal samples. They describe their sound as cineastic spacekraut. The tracks are based on improvisations and apparently involve “consciously random developments”. The track … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Contessa di GongGong – El Camino

NEW MUSIC: Heavy Harvest – Candy

Stand back, turn it up and hold onto something. Swiss trio Heavy Harvest hit the afterburners on this blistering one and a half minutes of hardcore noise rock. Think Jesus Lizard in a blizzard, or a practice session in a shipping container with METZ and Shihad. It’s brutally good and a sample of their new album Iron Lung which explores all corners of intense, heavy, … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Heavy Harvest – Candy

NEW MUSIC: One Sentence. Supervisor – Acedia

For fans of Fujiya & Miyagi, Neu!, Hot Chip Here’s a crazy, wild yet totally controlled Krautpop sound from Swiss band One Sentence. Supervisor. ‘Acedia’ is a metronomic delight, galloping along and fizzing with handclaps, a vocal sound reminiscent of The Charlatans, guitar that explodes and surges skyward and the unique blend of virtuoso oud player Bahur Ghazi. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: One Sentence. Supervisor – Acedia

NEW MUSIC: Asbest – They Kill

Here’s some coruscating post-punk with angular sheets of guitar, drums that push and pull under the anguished howl of singer Robyn Trachsel from the band Asbest. They’re a trio out of Switzerland, probably the first Swiss band we’ve featured here at DS. Their sound caught our ear as it reminded us of the kind of existential heavy yet intelligent punk rock of Die! Die! Die!, … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Asbest – They Kill