ALBUM REVIEW: Pond | Hobo Rocket

Rating7.5square-600Pond are and forever will be compared to Tame Impala, with whom they share a few members, and yes they both trade in retro-fitted psychedelic rock but dig below the surface and the two bands are clearly circling different planets. On Hobo Rocket they’ve pulled back on the overblown eccentricities  that were generally to their detriment and produced a concise, freewheeling and fun album.

The opening track Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide manages to reference both Flaming Lips and Wings’ Live and Let Die before Xanman gloriously straightens things up with its glam riffing and big beat. Bolan would be proud. The rest of the record continues to conjure up similarly bold sonic colours yet balances them out with tripped-out psych folk interludes that highlight how aware Pond are of the importance of dynamics, extremes and how to musically interweave them.

Hobo Rocket at first sounds wild, flailing and untethered but on repeated listens the layers begin to peel back and the melodies, riffs and hooks come into often brilliant focus. The best thing about the record is how live and alive it sounds. They play with cacophonous abandon and that is captured in all its glory on an album that celebrates the wild creativity and joyful excesses of rock music.

Chris Familton

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The first album I bought…

You Am I | Hourly Daily – I saved up all my pocket money and maybe nicked a few dollars from a pensioner . It’s a great album, I especially like If We Can’t Get It Together and the opener/title track Hourly Daily. It came out in ’96. I was 9 years old.


The album that soundtracked a relationship…

Scott Walker | Scott 3 – I went to art school for a year. It was pretty shit. I did however meet some beautiful women, one of which lent me Scott 3. I’d heard the Walker Brothers’ The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore but this stuff was way, way out there. I especially love his version of Jacques Brel’s Ne Me Quitte Pas. Dusty Springfield does my second favourite version. The relationship was brief. The impact of Scott 3 on me is unmeasurable.


The album that inspired me to form a band…

Dionne Warwick | Sings Burt Bacharach – The guys in high school listened to Metallica and Pearl Jam. I listened to Dionne Warwick, Dusty Springfield, Nancy Sinatra & The Supremes. I had more girl friends than any one else.


The album that reminds me of my high school years…

Jimmy Cliff | The Harder They Come soundtrack  – I also listened to reggae. The real stuff. Not the middle class, white, smelly, pot smoking hippie stuff. I would listen to The Harder They Come on my Discman walking home from McKinnon station. I felt invincible. I took it very seriously. Reggae is not the novelty genre my fellow white middle class has turned it into.


The album I’d love to hear played live and in full…

Jorge Ben | Forca Bruta – It’s my favourite album of all time. As punk as The Clash. Traditional, popular Brazilian samba music. His voice is so elastic. Romantic one minute, insane the next.


My favourite album cover art…

The Louvin Brothers | Satan Is Real – Great title, great cover. Looks kind of corny these days but it’s impact is undeniable. The white suits, the funny looking satan, the arm gestures. Too good.


An album I loved but now have no idea why I bought it…

I can tell you that my least favourite of all time is Paul Simon’s Graceland.


The last album I bought…

Pond | Beard, Wives, Denim – It’s great!





NEWS: The line-up for Meredith Music Festival 2012

The first list of acts performing at this year’s Meredith Music Festival in Victoria has been announced and as usual it looks to be a great mix of electronic, psychedelia, rock and hip hop. Check out our Rdio playlist featuring bands appearing at the event that takes place from December 7-9th.

There is a ballot happening so if you want to increase your chance of being allocated a ticket you need to head to before 10pm Tuesday 21 August. Round One has been drawn and results hit inboxes Wednesday 15 August. Round Two results out Thursday 23 August.


WATCH: Pond | Moth Wings (Video)

Pond have been getting mad props all over the place with their debut album Beard Wives Denim and now they’ve released the self-made clip for Moth Wings. Check the insanity below…

Australian Tour Dates

  • Friday July 27th – Splendour In The Grass Festival, Byron Bay
  • Saturday September 15th – The Bakery, Perth,
  • Thursday September 20th – Metro Theatre, Sydney
  • Saturday 22nd September – Fat As Butter Festival, Newcastle
  • Sunday September 23rd – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne