ALBUM REVIEW: The Grand Rapids | Great Shakes

Rating8a2076097814_10The Grand Rapids’ debut album possesses a striking sense of purpose and confidence. This isn’t the skinny, frazzled-nerve psych rock that many contemporary acts trade in, this is muscular music; widescreen and bold. They employ many of the classic elements of drone and psych rock (effects, repetition and tumbling rhythms) but nothing sounds particularly generic, referencing all manner of rock from Jane’s Addiction to The Chills and Wooden Shjips. In many cases it is singer Sasha L Smith’s voice that gives the music its intensity and authority with its 80s post-punk dramatics. Songs like the title track and Julia Now are two of many highlights that make this record a real thrill and delight.

by Chris Familton

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this review was first published in The Music 

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