New Zealand (UK-based) band Popstrangers are back with a new single, their first released on Rice Is Nice Records and their first new music since 2014. ‘Are Pigeons Doves?” drifts along with a hypnotic, ethereal feel. There’s a tinge of Radiohead in the underlying tension, high register vocal and drum-less arrangement. Popstrangers explain: ‘Are Pigeons Doves?’ is about the conversation I had with a friend, where he … Continue reading POPSTRANGERS RETURN WITH NEW SINGLE, ‘ARE PIGEONS DOVES?’

NEW MUSIC: Popstrangers | Country Kills

New Zealand expats now based in the UK, Popstrangers already have a new album in the can and ready for release on May 27th via Carpark Records. Fortuna follows their excellent Antipodes LP, my favourite NZ album of 2013. ‘Country Kills’ is a tad less noisy and chaotic than their debut yet it still possesses their wonderful knack for chorus melodies. By the second chorus … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Popstrangers | Country Kills


Here we are again at list time, halfway through 2013 and already there have been a swathe of great albums released. We’ve been listening to an eclectic mix of stuff as usual including dub electronica, skronking freeform saxophone, abrasive art rock, retro-leaning post punk and heartstring americana. These are the records we’ve loved the most from what we’ve heard this year. There will be others … Continue reading 2013 MID YEAR FAVOURITE ALBUMS

ALBUM REVIEW: Popstrangers | Antipodes

by Chris Familton The term ‘Flying Nun sound’ gets bandied around a lot but in truth the acts on the New Zealand label’s roster were a diverse bunch. Popstrangers released an early single on the label and have been tagged with Flying Nun references but unlike usual suspects The Bats and The Clean, Popstrangers sit firmly in darker sonic corners where Gordons, JPS Experience and … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Popstrangers | Antipodes

INTERVIEW: Popstrangers

by Chris Familton Popstrangers are the latest in a long line of New Zealand bands to emerge with a psychedelic and moody take on pop-tinged post punk. Their debut album Antipodes proves the band aren’t just riding on the hype of a few singles, instead it shows they have a strong idea of the sounds and ideas they want to capture, though Joel Flyger is … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Popstrangers

LISTEN: Popstrangers | Heaven – from their new album ‘Antipodes’

New Zealand trio Popstrangers have a new album Antipodes coming out late Feb/early March (depending where you are) and they’ve done the decent thing and released the first song from it, Heaven on Soundcloud. It’s a super hooky piece of guitar pop/rock that gets gloriously woozy in the chorus and choppy in the verses. The band released some singles on Flying Nun before signing with Carpark … Continue reading LISTEN: Popstrangers | Heaven – from their new album ‘Antipodes’

NEWS: Popstrangers sign to Flying Nun and release new single…

Popstrangers are the latest addition to the revamped and revitalised Flying Nun Records label. The Auckland trio have previously issued a couple of EPs and a split 7″ . Check them out on BANDCAMP and now they have released their debut single for FN – What Else Could They Do. Continue reading NEWS: Popstrangers sign to Flying Nun and release new single…