NEW MUSIC: Million Square – First Block

Million Square (UK) released their new EP Spirit Bloom last month and one of the highlights is this track, ‘First Block’. Glitchy, effervescent, sparkly notes dart between the speakers above frantic scattershot beats. It’s IDM music but when a haunting, romantic saxophone enters the fray it takes on a new, jazz-leaning vibe and it works wonderfully. London-based electronic duo, Million Square features double-bassist Max Luthert … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Million Square – First Block

NEW MUSIC: Almanacs – Love Peak

Almanacs is the work of Honduran sound artist Wilmer Murillo. ‘Love Peak’ is the title track from his album that came out a few weeks ago and its a beautifully aqueous piece of music that drifts on a warm sonic current of synths, conjuring up all kinds of constantly morphing images that form and dissipate into the aether. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Almanacs – Love Peak

ALBUM REVIEW: Forest Swords – Engravings

This is Matthew Barnes’ first album on Ninja Tunes and if anyone thought that might mean a softening of his more caustic edges then they are mistaken. Primarily instrumental electronic music, the vocals that do appear are generally spliced and twisted into choirs, like machines speaking in tongues. These are digital compositions but he still retains a primitive, organic percussive base to his sound. Less … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Forest Swords – Engravings

NEW MUSIC: Guerre | Deatheat

  I saw this Canadian/Australian artist Guerre perform live a while back and was impressed by his ability to marry soulful vocals with experimental electronica. The good news is he finally has a debut album Ex Nihilo about to be released on Friday 4th July via Yes Please / Remote Control. Check out the first taste of the album in ‘Deatheat’.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Guerre | Deatheat

NEW MUSIC: Ben Frost | Venter

Ben Frost is one of those unique composers working in the electronic realm who is able to harness the visceral nature of music. His tools are synthetic yet he always seems to build tangible, almost organic elements into his work. Live he does the some thing, bringing a physicality to his performance as he bends and turns dials and switches. He was spellbinding at ATP … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Ben Frost | Venter

Favourite Electronic Albums of 2013

Increasingly electronic music is reasserting itself as a viable album length genre. Sure it still thrives on the single and the remix but more and more there are albums, primarily from the UK scene, that manage to straddle the headphone and dancefloor worlds or in some cases they work most effectively as immersive home listening experiences. Here are the albums that we found ourselves returning … Continue reading Favourite Electronic Albums of 2013

NEWS: Voting now open in the Budweiser People’s Choice Awards

A couple of weeks ago we posted about the Budweiser People’s Choice Awards, the follow-up award to their search for Australia’s top electronic DJ/Producer (the winners of both awards will be announced at the Australian Independent Music Awards on November 7th). Voting has now opened so you can hit the link below to check out the finalists across a range of genres, cast your vote … Continue reading NEWS: Voting now open in the Budweiser People’s Choice Awards

NEWS: The Australian Budweiser People’s Choice 2013 for rising electronic producers

We are always keen to see musicians given the opportunity to receive grants, scholarships and awards so it it great to see that following the recent Budweiser Producer/DJ of the Year Award the brewing giant is again throwing itself behind a another competition to find the best of Australia’s rising producers. This time round the award is free to enter and the winners will be judged … Continue reading NEWS: The Australian Budweiser People’s Choice 2013 for rising electronic producers

WATCH: Ross Fish | A349M

Continuing on today’s electronic tip that started with Thom Yorke’s new Atoms For Peace single, here is a great new track/video from Ross Fish with a killer mechanical shuffle and glitchy whirs and bleeps. The vocals work perfectly too, whether in their natural form or slowed stretched or pitched up. Fish is a musician/producer out of Savannah, GA in the United States and you can … Continue reading WATCH: Ross Fish | A349M


BREAKING FREE IN AUSTRA, TORONTO NATIVE KATIE STELMANIS HAS FOUND THE PERFECT VEHICLE FOR HER BEGUILING VOICE. CHRIS FAMILTON DISCOVERS HER MUSICAL JOURNEY FROM OPERA CHILD TO CRAPPY SYNTHS. Canada isn’t renowned for its electronica outside of recent tourists Crystal Castles and Holy Fuck yet their indie scene has experienced a boom time in recent years thanks to bands like Arcade Fire and Broken Social … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Austra

NEWS: FENNESZ immerses himself in the BLACK SEA…

Christian Fennesz will release his new record, entitled Black Sea, on November 25th via Touch. UPDATE: TOUCH’S ONLINE STORE IS NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR THE BLACK SEA LP AND LP/CD… CLICK HERE. It will be released on both CD and LP and each will feature different album art and 2 extra tracks on the vinyl version.  The album features Fennesz’s trademark combination of acoustic and … Continue reading NEWS: FENNESZ immerses himself in the BLACK SEA…