NEW MUSIC: Alaskan Tapes – Views From Sixteen Stories

Last month, Canadian composer Alaskan Tapes (Brady Kendall) released his new album Views From Sixteen Stories. Check out the title track below, a warm, dream-like, swelling piece of music that rises and falls with a certain weightlessness. There’s sonic depth to it too. Turn up the volume and the richness of the bass tones resonate wonderfully through the track. Hit the Bandcamp link to stream and … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Alaskan Tapes – Views From Sixteen Stories

Michael A. Muller – Lower River

Michael A. Muller is a co-founder of Balmorhea who have released six albums over the last 13 years. ‘Lower River’ is the title track of his solo album and it’s a wonderfully immersive and hypnotic piece of ambient, droning music that hangs in the air, draped in resonating, melancholic chords. The press releases describes the track as being inspired by his own remote travels throughout … Continue reading Michael A. Muller – Lower River

NEW MUSIC: Tristan Welch – Tuesday

‘Tuesday’ comes from Tristan Welch‘s 2019 album 40 Hours (via Verses Records (a label collective out of Washington D.C.) and it’s quite a mesmerising, slowly unfurling piece of droning ambient music. There’s a gentle swell, ebb and flow to the track, almost akin to an entity slowly breathing. Guitars, effects and a saxophone shape an immersive listening experience. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Tristan Welch – Tuesday

ALBUM REVIEW: Moon Duo – Shadow Of The Sun

Making use of a limited palette of instruments and ideas is an approach that has tripped up many a musician as they’ve endeavoured to get to the core of their creativity and cut out any frills and fireworks. Both Moon Duo and singer/guitarist Ripley Johnson’s other band Wooden Shjips have always attempted to do just that and almost without fail they’ve succeeded. Moon Duo’s fourth … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Moon Duo – Shadow Of The Sun


Listening to both these records over the weekend I sensed a real connection and some common threads running between the two of them.  Made from two different environments and perspectives but sharing some of the same sonic aesthetics, they are disparate personalites travelling on opposite sides of the same road, with the same destination. Earth is a band that revolves around Dylan Carlson, the one … Continue reading REVIEW: EARTH vs BRIGHTBLACK MORNING LIGHT

NEWS: FENNESZ immerses himself in the BLACK SEA…

Christian Fennesz will release his new record, entitled Black Sea, on November 25th via Touch. UPDATE: TOUCH’S ONLINE STORE IS NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR THE BLACK SEA LP AND LP/CD… CLICK HERE. It will be released on both CD and LP and each will feature different album art and 2 extra tracks on the vinyl version.  The album features Fennesz’s trademark combination of acoustic and … Continue reading NEWS: FENNESZ immerses himself in the BLACK SEA…