VIDEO PREMIERE: Scattered Order – Third Rail

For fans of CAN, Public Image Ltd, Cabaret Voltaire, Severed Heads, Gary Clail

Legendary, groundbreaking and innovative Australian group Scattered Order return with ‘Third Rail‘ the first taste of their brand new album Where Is The Windy Gun?, out Sept 16th and available for pre-order on Bandcamp from 5pm AEST time today.

We’re very happy to bring you the premiere of the video clip for ‘Third Rail’, created by Colum from LIVING SCIENCE Dept, who is also the mastermind behind Scattered Order’s live visuals and also for Sydney duo Fabels.

The single is a wieldy and complex polymorphous creature. It teases a delicate and pretty melody before cavernous drums crash the intimate party – like Bonham practising his jazz chops in a fathomless stairwell. Dislocated voice chants and hovers as dissonant industrial guitars see saw between the speakers, sirens ring out. It’s a heady, compelling sonic brew. Psychedelic, dub-charged industrial electronica that both hypnotises and smothers with its six minutes of kosmiche weight and rhythms.

The video perfectly captures the trip, its beauty and the madness, as colours, shapes and glitched images explode and reconvene in various forms as the repeating theme of travel through subterranean tunnels takes you deeper into fantastical psychosis.

In the so called twilight years of their career Scattered Order find themselves more in touch with their direction and purpose than any time in recent memory. Thirteen years ago the band regrouped as MKII version with founding members Mitchell Jones and Michael Tee. Shane Fahey also an early band member rejoined them a year later in 2010. Mitchell Jones is the mainstay and driving force within the band. He has been there all the way through since its inception in 1979. As with any long standing musical act there are many manifestations of style, personnel and technology along the way.

Given the band’s long and varied history it is a testament to their resilience that none of the current band members particularly feels like they are part of a scene or genre. Their roots are in the DIY/post punk/artnoise of the late 1970’s. They exist outside the zeitgeist and legacy mode of their contemporaries from that era. They generally focus on their latest creations rather than their old stuff. Whilst they still play some of the early songs live, most of their sets are of recent releases.

Scatted Order launch their new album at The Factory Theatre Fusebox in Enmore on October 8th with Fabels and USER.


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