ALBUM REVIEW: Palma Violets | 180

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by Chris Familton

square-600Rating6Palma Violets fight a gallant fight and show flashes of exciting talent but ultimately this feels like a band trading on raw energy and still finding their songwriting feet.

180 is one of those albums that comes laden with tabloid music press hype so it was always going to be hard to live up to those constructed expectations, especially on one’s debut album. The London quartet certainly pull in a wide bunch of influences as if they have thrown a net over the last thirty years of UK indie music. There are nods to The Coral, The Libertines and Inspiral Carpets to name a few and on the first two tracks, they sound fresh and firing on reckless garage rock and organ-led guitar pop dispatches. That strong start dilutes as the album goes on and they fail to maintain the opening momentum. In terms of the sound of 180, they were wise to give the album a rough and raw mix which does complement their aesthetic well.

This is by no means a bad album, at least half the songs are very good but as far as being the next big thing they are more suited to the tag ‘another reasonably good thing’.

this review was first published on Fasterlouder

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