ALBUM REVIEW: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion | Meat + Bone

ds album reviews

by Chris Familton

square-600Star Rating DS 4After an eight year recording hiatus The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have returned with an album that finds them in fighting form and returning to some of the touchstones that made them such an exciting and visceral rock n roll band in the 90s.

Meat + Bone recaptures some of that stripped down blues and funk that the band built their name on  but it also draws from their later dalliances with classic Stones rock (Black Thoughts, Danger) and the fuzzed out electronica of Boot Cut. The result is an album that draws from all corners of their discography yet it doesn’t feel like a grab bag of disparate styles, it hangs together surprisingly well as a cohesive album.

The finest moments come when they loosen their hips and unleash their trademark James Brown meets The Cramps take on dance music. They’ve always been a band that sounds best when they are raw, primal and lascivious with that triangular balance of vocals, guitars and drums locked in tight. Bag of Bones, Get Your Pants Off and Bottle Baby are prime examples of just that and a clear sign that the trio are still in rude musical health.

this review was first published on FasterLouder


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