WATCH: Heart Attack Alley | Don’t Waste My Time

Auckland, NZ’s Heart Attack Alley are a harmonica driven blues trio featuring members of  Vietnam War, Drab Doo Riffs and Supergroove and they’ve just released a video for their track Don’t Waste My Time.

Their debut album Living In Hell is in the can and will be out October 12th via Voodoo Rhythm Records.

European Album Release Tour

2012.10.04   Amsterdam (NL) @ Winston Kingdom
2012.10.05   Den Haag (NL) @ Supermarkt
2012.10.06   Middelburg (NL) @ Kaffee t Hof
2012.10.08   London (UK) @ Jon Kennedy Session
2012.10.09   Manchester (UK)
2012.10.10   London (UK) @ Blues Kitchen
2012.10.12   Fidenza (IT) @ Taun
2012.10.13   La Spezia (IT) @ Skaletta
2012.10.19   Strasbourg (FR) @ Mud Club
2012.10.20   Glarus (CH) @ Veka
2012.10.21   Zurich (CH) @ Viaduct
2012.10.22   Mannheim (DE) @ Der Bock
2012.10.23   BERLIN – WOWSVILLE in store gig
2012.10.24   Berlin (DE) @ Bassy Club
2012.10.25   Utrecht (NL ) – VPRO 3voor12showcase@ (db’s?)
2012.10.26   Den Helder (NL) @ Crossover Rocktober
2012.10.27   Bruxels (BE) – Madame Moustache
2012.10.28   Eindhoven (NL) @ Wilhelmina

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