SONG OF THE WEEK: Dan Deacon | True Thrush

Dan Deacon is one of those mad musical scientists who can harness corrupted instruments, perverse melodies and an innate sense of unbridled fun and create truly unique and original music.

He first burst onto the scene when his album Superman of the Rings got picked up internationally, allowing him to take his solo live show to the masses outside of Portland, Oregon. Since then he has toured widely and released the follow-up album Bromst (2009) and now his strongest set of songs in America.

The first single from America is True Thrush, our song of the week. It is a conglomeration of sounds, beginning with melancholic twitches from a sad robot that build, layer by layer into a surging, euphoric electronic space jam preaching empowerment and self-discovery.

As we enter the southern hemisphere summer this feels like the default soundtrack to both greet the sunrise and dance into the sunset to.

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