NEW MUSIC: Tanglers – Tallboy


Straight outta Vancouver, Tanglers cut a fine figure of slinky indie rock on this track ‘Tallboy’. It slithers and skulks along in the shadows like a mooching private investigator. Subtle melodies that sink into your memory cells and a great rhythm section make this a great first introduction to the band whose debut full-length album ‘Tangled in Time’ was released on May 4th, 2019.


NEW MUSIC: Tallboy – Invisible Hand


Tallboy hails from the Philadelphia-area and is the one-man recording project of musician Nick Rossi. ‘Invisible Hand’ comes from his seven track EP Life is Terrible and Everyone is Insane which casually and energetically throws quick-fire guitar songs into the aether, overflowing melodies tumbling over the edges of the songs that recall Husker Du, R.E.M. and Buffalo Tom. Invigorating and concise songs that cut to the chase.

ALBUM REVIEW: The Soft Pack | Strapped

by Chris Familton

The LA quartet return with their sophomore album that finds them throwing more influences into the mix while still maintaining their highly melodic indie rock sound. Strapped feels like a step up for a band that specialized in efficient garage rock dispatches and even though they have softened their rawer edges they have compensated by dialing in more expansive textures and song structures making Strapped more laid-back and less frenetic than their debut.

Opener Saratoga recalls the vocal melodies of The Stone Roses, highlighting some new variations in Matt Lamkin’s vocal style while saxophone is another great addition that features on half of the album’s twelve tracks. The result sounds like a collision between The Smiths and The Stooges’ Steve Mackay. Elsewhere, dreamy synths take the lead on Tallboy and they head into tropical guitar pop territory on the crisp and smooth Bobby Brown. Thankfully though they have kept their diversification in check and wisely included enough bristling three minute post-Strokes guitar songs to satiate fans of the first album making this a highly enjoyable snapshot of The Soft Pack, past and present.

this review was first published on FasterLouder