New Media – Tunnel Vision

New Media are an indie rock quartet from who channel a shoegaze sound reminiscent of Ride, the rhythmic influence of Manchester and the heavier guitar sounds of bands like The Cure. ‘Tunnel Vision‘, their second single of 2020, winds its way around knotty drums and guitars that squeal and squall, adding to the rising sense of tension before it jumps the tracks in the last … Continue reading New Media – Tunnel Vision

NEW MUSIC: Manorlady – Ready Go Fade Away

Guitars that rock and guitars that caress at the same time are often hard things to come by. Shoegaze made an art form of it and so many bands still mine that vein of beautiful noise. Some mix it with psych rock, others with dream pop or post-punk. Manorlady were raised in the Mojave desert of Eastern California but now they’re based in Santa Cruz. … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Manorlady – Ready Go Fade Away

NEW MUSIC: Sungaze – New Familiar

Kick off the week with a dose of shoegaze courtesy of North American group Sungaze. It’s the warm season in this part of the world and this track, ‘New Familiar’, suits the weather perfectly with its warm, bucolic strum, hazy and blissed-out vocal and the light-tripping rhythm section. There are touches of Ride and The Charlatans in the dreaminess of the band’s sound. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Sungaze – New Familiar