NEW MUSIC: Destroyer – ‘Tintoretto, It’s For You’. New album coming in March! 

Dan Bejar (Destroyer) is back with a brand new album Labyrinthitis coming in March (25th) via Bella Union. It’s being described as brimming with mystic and intoxicating terrain, the threads of Dan Bejar’s notes woven through by a trove of allusions at once eerily familiar and intimately perplexing. The record circuitously draws ever inward, each turn offering giddy surprise, anxious esoterica, and thumping emotionality at … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Destroyer – ‘Tintoretto, It’s For You’. New album coming in March! 

ALBUM REVIEW: Destroyer – ken

Now up to album number twelve as Destroyer, Dan Bejar, one-time member of The New Pornographers, has fully embraced the world of lush and literate sophisticated synth pop. Think New Order’s primitive machine sound, the avant, collage-like work of The The and Morrissey’s lyrical twists and turns of phrase and you’re in the right region. Musically there are plenty of glorious post-punk melancholic moments with … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Destroyer – ken

ALBUM REVIEW: Destroyer | Kaputt

written by Chris Familton Wistful reminisces abound on the new Destroyer album Kaputt. It is Dan Bejar’s ninth album under the Destroyer moniker it feels like a wave over the shoulder or a long lazy sunday spent poring over old VHS cassettes. Bejar went about creating a holistic 80s sound for the record, complete with dreamy washes of chorus guitar, horn solos one degree removed … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Destroyer | Kaputt