SONIC KICKS: Bryan Estepa

Sydney songwriter Bryan Estepa has released a bunch of albums that just get better and better, culminating in this year’s brilliant Heart Vs Mind (review) which bursts with glorious harmonies built on classic power pop and slight detours into americana and yacht rock. It shows a musician who isn’t afraid to play to his strengths and channel all the musical influences that have to date … Continue reading SONIC KICKS: Bryan Estepa

LIVE REVIEW: My Morning Jacket @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney (03/04/12)

by Chris Familton My Morning Jacket did the early attendees a great service in bringing Dawes down to Australia with them and it was a real shame more people weren’t there to get a taste of their straightforward Americana that caught the ear with its plentiful use of space and some nice power pop dynamics. Fronted by Taylor Goldsmith, the band is definitely more than … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: My Morning Jacket @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney (03/04/12)