Ahead of their new album All Her Friends (Friday 23 June via Poison City / Merge Records), here’s single number three for strident Naarm/Melbourne post-punk rock trio Cable Ties, who have just been announced as international tour supports for Superchunk and Amyl and the Sniffers.

‘Change’ is relentless, a churning mix of pounding drums and bass, and guitars that careen between the speakers like incessant sirens. Over the top of it, guitarist and vocalist Jenny McKechnie rails and wails with anger and passion, pouring fuel on the fire of survival and righteous protest.

“‘Change’ is about how to keep surviving and fighting even when it feels like we’re going backwards.

“It contrasts the traumatisation of victim/survivors by the so-called justice system with the solidarity and hope I have found talking to mothers, friends and strangers, who have connected with the songs I’ve screamed into the abyss.”

 “The lyrics for Change reflect a collection of experiences I’ve had over the last decade, particularly relating to being a woman who plays loud angry, feminist music,” Jenny adds.

“Playing this type of music has allowed me to have deeply moving conversations with people who connect to the experiences I describe. I treasure these conversations. They are the thing that keeps me going when I feel like there’s no point to my silly little songs in my silly little band.

“I recorded the vocal take for this song very shortly after Roe v Wade was overturned, so I was extremely fired up and dejected, but wanted to remind myself why we keep going.”


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