RVG continue their stellar run of new singles as we hurtle towards the release date of their new album Brain Worms (June 2nd). ‘Midnight Sun‘ is a tumbling rush of clanging, chiming distorted guitars with a heady and gloriously anthemic rock chorus. It’s another sonic gem to whet the appetite for what is shaping up to be another superb long player from the band.

‘Midnight Sun’ deals in matters of disbelief, and what it feels like to live in a culture that often prefers to argue the semantics than save the world from burning. Aptly furious and defiant, frontwoman Romy Vager cuts through the chaos singing ‘my city is in ashes / but I’m still burning bright / Hangin’ here like a lantern / in case you change your mind’.

Of the song Romy says “I wrote this around the time of the Australian bushfires in 2019 when it felt like everything precious about this country was being destroyed by climate change. There were all these talking heads trying to play down how much of a disaster it was, instead focusing on how much they hate immigrants or queer people. I thought – the world is literally on fucking fire and this is what you choose to use your platform on? The song is contrasting these two things, and how sick we are ideologically that we can’t identify what real problems are.


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