NSW songwriter and filmmaker (WAITING: The Van Duren Story) Wade Jackson has released his new single ‘Limelight’ (Broken Stone Records), his first new music since his 2020 album Sensationalized.

Limelight‘ emerges twitching, writhing, pulsing and electronically convulsing. Like Bowie and Suicide in hi-fidelity 4K, ‘Limelight’ is hypnotic, with waning vintage synths and tribal-esque drums, the latter evolving from the coal freight trains passing through regional NSW. The middle of the song blossoms into glittering star and spark melodies before the lights again dim and the mood darkens.

Across six minutes Wade uses his voice as ancillary instrument to the machines at his disposal, creating a rhythmic, textural exposition on a family of industry grifters. “It retells the story of a stoned sound guy continually telling the same obsessive story daily about some lame “IKEA” band he had been touring with whilst on tour with myself and my band. Yuck!” recalls Wade.

Above it all, Wade’s voice is the human connection, the man among the machines. His richly detailed singing conveys drama and emotion with the poise and drama of great singers such as Bowie, Scott Walker and Bryan Ferry. 

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