Following on from the shimmering pop delights of the first single from her upcoming album, As Memories Pass Each Other, much-loved Australian singer-songwriter Alannah Russack has today released her new song, the evocative and bluesy, New Orleans sound of ‘Tend Your Fire’.

Fondly remembered from her days co-fronting greatly revered Australian guitar pop band, The Hummingbirds, Alannah has furthered her musical career as both a solo artist and as a key member of The Aerial Maps. Her brand new single ‘Tend Your Fire’ (featuring sister Kathryn Russack on backing vocals) follows on beautifully from where it’s predecessor ‘Places You Love’ left off; Alannah’s innate melodic pop sensibility marrying with a deeply heartfelt sentiment evoking love and connection to give a triumphant end result. A song about the importance of maintaining connection and community through tough times – about “tending the fires” of a communal spirit – it also serves as a timely reminder about the importance of looking after oneself while the world all around us seems to be in a version of chaos.

“This song was written as a call to be lead by your heart and the tools of survival: breath, awareness and self inquiry. I imagine a crowd of people, carnivale style, marching, dancing, playing and singing in celebration of being alive. Yet the evolution of this piece was… alone in front of my wood fire in the Wollemi wilderness.” – Alannah Russack


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