NEW MUSIC: Drongo – Neshorn

Drongo is an eight-piece band from Oslo, Norway, playing music belonging somewhere between Krautrock, techno, afrobeat and math rock. The band’s line-up includes a drummer, one percussionist, one bassist, two guitarists and three keyboardists. 

‘Neshorn’ is from the band’s debut album 1, that was released on April 16th. It swings with a primitive Krautrock repetitive intensity, gathering steam as it charges forth, all fractured, worn and riled up. After three and a half minutes it transmogrifies into cymbal-heavy drums and guitars that take the song widescreen with even greater post-rock depth and density. By six minutes they’re dealing in the same mathematically precise territory as a band such as Black Midi. The song is a great example of how they balance noise, friction, micro-details and grand musical gestures.

1 is out now and available on Bandcamp.


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