NEW MUSIC: Street Chant – Pedestrian Support League


They’ve been quiet for a while now but finally Auckland trio Street Chant are back with a new song and video ahead of the release of their second LP. ‘Pedestrian Support League’ is an epic 5 minute track that ebbs and flows across wistful guitar, some great melodic basslines and some incisive observational lyrics from Emily Littler.

Pedestrian Support League is a song loosely about Auckland life. Coming back from being on tour a lot and moving back into a crummy flat in Grey Lynn I felt an extreme sense of ennui amongst my peers and especially in myself. A few years ago I had felt excitement for the future and now I was paranoid my flatmates were stealing all my margerine. The chorus “enrol to vote and so it goes, everyone dresses like us nowadays..” expresses the amusement and dissatisfaction I felt with my surroundings – amusement because I felt like I was living out some “food for flatties” cookbook cliche, but watching National win another election as well my seemingly endless ability to stagnate bought about an extreme sense of apathy. 

Street Chant’s new album Hauora will be released in November 2015 on Arch Hill/Flying Nun.


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