ALBUM REVIEW: Jane’s Addiction | Live In NYC

by Chris Familton

Rating7.5square-600-8Recorded at Terminal 5 in New York in July 2011, Live In NYC marked the release of Jane’s Addiction’s most recent studio album The Great Escape Artist. As with most live albums you are left with a ‘you had to be there’ feeling but as far as aural representations of live shows go this is a dynamic, visceral and sonically engaging recording.

The band naturally lean heavily on many of their biggest songs with all being essentials in the JA canon aside from the lone track from The Great Escape Artist in Irresistible Force (Met The Immovable Object) though that more than stands it ground amid the classics. It shows the band taking their sound and expanding it to widescreen in an epic grandiose fashion, sounding far superior to the album version. Elsewhere Ocean Size is a battering ram of Stephen Perkins’ superb drumming and finds Perry Farrell at his best, pitching his voice high and far into the audience, laced with reverb and delay. He throws in a “come on motherfucker” before Dave Navarro unleashes another of his wah drenched, cosmic shredding solos. For fans Three Days is perhaps the band’s finest moment and here it is a masterclass in the building and release of tension via a glorious rock n roll climax.

The quartet round out the set with their signature song Jane Says, reminding us again of their ability to combine power and restraint, sex and religion, raw emotion and pretension in rock music. This release is really a document for the fans but if anyone asks if Jane’s Addiction are a great live band this will provide the answer.

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