ALBUM REVIEW: Primal Scream | More Light

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by Chris Familton

square-600-3Rating7Now into their third decade Primal Scream have carved out a varied eclectic career that has taken in punk, pop, electronic, psychedelic, krautrock, rock n roll and americana influences, sometimes playing them straight and other times twisting and mutating combinations of them into new and exciting forms. More Light is their most cohesive attempt at bringing all the facets of their music together into one album and though it doesn’t always work it is a bold statement from a band unafraid to test and stretch themselves.

2013 opens as a clarion call-to-arms, an anthemic gathering of the Primal Scream masses and at nine minutes it serves as a declaration of their intent to cast their sonic net wide. Kevin Shields contributes guitar to 2013 while others such as Robert Plant (Elimination Blues) and Mark Stewart (Culturecide) lend their voices to the diverse feel of the album. Producer David Holmes plays a key role supplying his trademark dark and sprawling cinematic vibe to the sound of More Light, tying together string sections, repetitive rhythms and dystopian saxophone squalls into a cohesive psychedelia. They could have easily dropped a couple of the later tracks and made the album an even more concise statement but the band has always taken a maximalist approach to their music.

More Light is Primal Scream’s most significant album in a decade, a visceral encapsulation of their strengths and vision that proves they are still wholly relevant after more than thirty years in the game.

 this review was first published on FasterLouder

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