by Chris Familton

Highly touted by the UK press and championed by The Horrors, this London quintet continue the English tradition of exploratory psychedelic rock music with mixed but generally good results.

TOY aren’t beholden to a singular sound or style and that makes their debut album feel like a ranging, searching collection of songs. From the indie pop classicism of Reasons Why to the swirling psych of Lose My Way and outward to the stars with the space rock of Kopter, they show they can knock up catchy melodies as effectively as they compose epic instrumentals. While the diversity makes the hour long record pass quickly it does reveal some weak moments. TOY are most effective when they aim big and create a grandiose sound and this is music that should have elements of drama and indulgence. When they take the direct route, as they do on Walk Up To Me they begin to sound dreary and uninspired.

TOY are a worthy addition to the canon of ‘head music’ that includes Can, Jesus & Mary Chain, Portishead and Spiritualized and there is plenty on their debut to suggest they’ll continue on to greater heights.

this review was first published on Fasterlouder

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