ALBUM REVIEW: Redd Kross | Researching The Blues

by Chris Familton

Now into their third decade, Redd Kross have delivered their seventh album that has them sounding as vital and visceral a power pop band as ever.

Researching The Blues has certainly been a long time coming since the band reconvened in 2006 after a decade long hiatus. The quality of songwriting shows that time was put to good use, allowing them to recapture that sugary six-string rush of energy that tweaked so many ears on their debut Born Innocent and later 1993‘s Phaseshifter album.

From top to bottom the album is packed with watertight songs that overflow with Cheap Trick glam riffing and heady choruses courtesy of the brothers McDonald. This is a fun and exhilarating album that goes straight for the primal button and the listener’s urge to jump around, sing into a hair brush and play air guitar.

Researching The Blues lessens the grind of daily life to and allows one to escape into a half hour pop-fueled fantasy world of girls, self-belief  and the state of the world soundtracked by Monkees melodies and effervescent harmonies.

this review was first published on FasterLouder

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