VIDEO + MP3: Thurston Moore | Benediction + Circulation

Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has a new Beck produced album coming out on May 24th via Matador titled Demolished Thoughts. His last solo record Trees Outside the Academy was a brilliant collection of intimate and mainly acoustic songs and going on this first listen with its hushed mood and swooning strings he may have exceeded the high standard he set on that release…

You can also grab a free MP3 of the track Circulation which is apparently about the menstruation as explained by Moore:

“Circulation is about menstrual cycles, menstruation blood, and the year 2012 when the Goddess of Destruction, the Goddess of Creation and the Goddess of Nurturing all come together and rise as Isis to bring the Earth to a new Matriarchy. We’ll of course be in bed, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes and playing scratchy jazz records on a turntable on the nightstand.”

MP3: Thurston Moore | Circulation

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