TRACK OF THE WEEK: The Amazing Snakeheads | Here It Comes Again


The Amazing Snakeheads are making waves and garnering great reviews with the debut LP Amphetamine Ballads which was released locally in Australia last week. Coming across like the wayward stepsons of Gun Club, Jesus Lizard and Nick Cave circa Birthday Party and Grinderman, the Scottish trio take rock n roll, blues and swamp punk back to the gutter under the light of a seedy streetlamp. ‘Here It Comes Again’ takes a primal, pounding groove and builds tension that inevitably explodes over descending slasher chords. Menace, energy and loose rebellion ring wildly from the speakers…

TRACK OF THE WEEK: The City Lights | (She’s Got) My Name and My Number


The City Lights have followed up their excellent 2012 LP I Just Got To Believe with a brand new single, a AA side 7″ in fact. They’ve hooked up with The Exile Co. to release the 300 copy pressing which includes The City Lights’ (She’s Got) My Name and My Number and The Exile Co.’s Fay Ray.

(She’s Got) My Name and My Number is our Track of the Week and it’s a refreshing power pop dispatch that harnesses the trio’s irrepressible energy. The City Lights know how to write economical and hook-heavy songs and this one arrives unassumingly before bursting into life on the back of Graeme Trewin’s trigger-happy drums and the Roden bros guitars that’ll make you want to drop your craft beer and start playing air guitar on the dancefloor of your local pub.