NEW MUSIC: 2nd single from The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Axels & Sockets


Glitterhouse Records are about to release the third volume of The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project where incomplete or unrecorded Pierce songs have been finished with a superb cast of singers including Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Deborah Harry, Thurston Moore, Mick Harvey and many others. Axels & Sockets is out May 2nd in USA/Europe and locally in Australia shortly after May 5th.

‘Constant Limbo (Constant Rain)’ is the second single from the new album performed by Cypress Grove and Crippled Black Phoenix with a deep and dusky call and response section between Mark Lanegan, Bertrand Cantat, and Suzie Stapleton (Melbourne, VIC) who we’ve featured previously on DS.

“It all came about because Cypress Grove was invited by a friend of a friend to my show at London’s 12 Bar Club where I’d been squished onto the beginning of a metal line-up. My previously booked show had fallen through so it was better than not playing London at all. Pretty lucky I guess – particularly as Mark Lanegan has been a prime influence on my music. Though all the musicians involved are incredible – it’s a real honour to be a part of the project” – Suzie Stapleton

01 Nobody’s City – Iggy Pop with Nick Cave (feat. Thurston Moore) 
02 Kisses For My President – The Amber Lights with Debbie Harry 
03 Mexican Love – Black Moth
04 Weird Kid Blues – Julie Christensen
05 Ain’t My Problem Baby – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
06 Constant Limbo (Constant Rain) – Crippled Black Phoenix and Cypress Grove (feat. Mark Lanegan, Bertrand Cantat & Suzie Stapleton) 
07 Into The Fire – Nick Cave And Debbie Harry 
08 Thunderhead – Kris Needs Presents…Honey 
09 Desire By Blue River – Mark Lanegan and Bertrand Cantat 
10 Kitty In The Moonlight – The Amber Lights with Xanthe Waite
11 Secret Fires – Ruby Throat
12 Kisses For My President – Andrea Schroeder 
13 Body And Soul – James Johnston 
14 Goodbye Johnny (Andrew Weatherall’s Nyabinghi Noir Mix) – Primal Scream 
15 Break ‘Em Down – Hugo Race 
16 My Cadillac – Cypress Grove
17 The Journey Is Long – Lydia Lunch and Jeffrey Lee Pierce
18 Shame And Pain – Mark Stewart And Jeffrey Lee Pierce (feat. Thurston Moore)


EIGHT DAYS A WEEK: September 20th, 2013

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Another week of shake-ups in the local festival scene here in Australia with the cancellation of Harvest Festival and the probably not coincidental announcement that AJ Maddah (Soundwave, Harvest) had become a partner in Big Day Out with Ken West and US company C4. It seems a bit strange that one week Maddah is bemoaning the indie-centric BDO lineup as one reason for Harvest’s slow ticket sales and then the next week he cancels the Harvest dates and the BDO partnership is made public. Obviously the deal would have been in negotiation and discussion for a long period and Maddah would have been privy to the BDO line-up a long time ago. Regardless it could be a good thing in the long run. The BDO assimilates more indie type acts to balance the rock elements and Soundwave becomes the premier hard rock/metal touring festival. Laneway is growing every year and that too should benefit from Harvest being off the calendar. Speaking of Laneway, their first line-up announcement happens next Tuesday.

In terms of new releases this week there only a couple of notable ones that have caught my ear. The wonderful folk voice of Nathaniel Rateliff, Elvis Costello & The Roots’ LP sounds like it might deliver, Mark Lanegan’s covers album Imitations (he should be singing the Great American Songbook, not Rod) and Crystal Stilts maintain their quality output on Nature Noir.

In my daily trawl of the net and via the deluge of band, record company and publicist emails there are often bands that jump out as having something that catches your ear before you have a chance to hit delete or skip. Two in particular stood out this week in The Golden Awesome out of Wellington, NZ and The Grand Rapids from Melbourne, AU. Both deal in psychedelic flavoured rock and shoegaze but they’re coming at it from different angles. See what you think.

Next week Swervedriver kick off their Australian tour playing their seminal album Raise in full plus various other highlights from the back catalogue.

Thu 26th – Brisbane – The Zoo
+ support We All Want To / Mosman Alder
Fri 27th – Sydney – Metro Theatre
+ supports Charlie Horse / Greta Mob (Bom Aterg)
Sat 28th – Melbourne – Corner Hotel
+ supports Iowa / White Walls
Sun 29th – Melbourne – Northcote Social Club
+ supports Infinite Void / Lunaire
Wed 2nd – Adelaide – The Gov
+ supports Horror My Friend / No Action
Thu 3rd – Perth* – Rosemount Hotel



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soulsaversBroken hearts, broken minds and broken souls are the constant themes of Soulsavers second album Broken. The dark side is explored and despairs are aired on what is a dense and (for want of a better word) ‘gothic’ album.

Helmed by the English duo of Rich Machin and Ian Glover it features an enviable line-up of musicians who have all made names for themselves with music on the moodier and slightly twisted side of the tracks.

The scene setting instrumental The Seventh Proof creates a lonely and barren introduction to the album. It invokes loneliness, grief and a foreboding sense of ominous things to come. Death Bells adds a krautrock sense of motion with feeding-back guitars and a gritty crunch. Mark Lanegan’s weather beaten voice is instantly recognisable and he is essentially the third member of the band, contributing his vocals to all but two of the non-instrumental songs on the album.

Alongside Lanegan is a stellar lineup of additional vocalists. Gibby Haynes, Mike Patton, Richard Hawley and Jason Pierce all add their own feel to the album with Patton being the most successful on Unbalanced Pieces. The two of them build a brooding mood that is similar to The Twilight Singers and Nick Cave in its creeping intensity.

You Will Miss Me When I Burn is a Will Oldham written song that stands out as the most direct and moving moment on Broken. Oldham pens weighty lines like ‘When you have no-one, no-one can hurt you’ and adds his macabre touch to the twisted love song. The minimal instrumentation also makes this a stark rendition which sets it aside from the other denser songs on the album.

The song also marks the first time we hear the voice of Sydney singer Red Ghost (Rosa Agostino) who kept sending Soulsavers demos of her songs and ended up working with them on the record. She takes the lead on Praying Ground and By My Side and the PJ Harvey sense of longing in her voice lends itself perfectly to the albums mood.

Machin and Glover have added more guitars to their electronic landscape on this record and it improves the emotional connection to the music. Strings, vinyl crackles and other mood enhancers are all utilised to conjure up the dark and almost jazz noir feeling.

One issue with making music of this type is maintaining the attention of the listener. At an hour long it does struggle to engage fully over its thirteen songs. Its heavy and measured footsteps will be slow going for many and it may take a back seat as background music for those that don’t have the patience for its drift and weight.

Lanegan is the star attraction of Broken and without him it would wallow in its own despair. He provides the strength and backbone amongst the misery. Broken also serves to introduce Red Ghost to a wider audience which is a good thing for her and us. This album won’t make end of year lists but when the mood calls for some late night introspection and soul searching this could be just the thing to take you there.