NEW SINGLE/VIDEO: North Arm – Bring The Daylight

2021 sees the return of Sydney group North Arm, four years since the release of their sophomore album. ‘Bring The Daylight’ is the first single and title track from the band’s brand new album, due out on October 15th via Broken Stone Records and Remote Control.

The song gently sways and pulses with a warm and encompassing sound built on swooning strings by J Walker (Machine Translations), economical guitar and rolling bass. It’s organic and confessional, perfectly conveyed by Smith’s mellifluous, half-whispered voice and the backing vocal of Grace Turner.

In his collaboration with Smith, J. Walker perfectly sums up the sound and sonic mood of North Arm’s music. “There’s a beautiful tension in it between what I can best describe as a calm knowingness and a kind of elemental elevation. It’s music to walk to, surf to, remember to, look at clouds to, drive to.”

“This song is a personal reflection of little moments and life rituals that are crucial to maintaining a loving partnership. It seemed like the right song to kick off the album – to couch the listener in a deeply intimate and sentimental space

– Roderick Smith


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