NEW MUSIC: The Attractor Beams – Only

Man, what a killer song. The Replacements meets Slint and Television seems to be the through-line when referencing The Attractor Beams‘ music. You can hear that for sure – in the the ragged vocal that walks a tightrope between desperation and enthusiasm and the Television styled push-and-pull bass lines. The guitar run the gamut of sonic scree to low-slung Westerberg chords. ‘Only’ is a glorious collision built on record collections and collective passion. Great stuff. Hit up their label’s Bandcamp page to check out the great b-side ‘Keep It’.

The Melbourne band recorded their debut album Think Twice back in 2016 but it never saw the light of day until now. In 2021 Nashville-based Devil’s Tower Records will finally release the disbanded group’s album. Will they return?


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