NEW MUSIC: The Mirrors – On My Way

Melbourne group The Mirrors released this new single a few months ago and we’ve been meaning to spread the word about it. It caught our ear straight away with that melancholic smear of melody that runs across the insistent, robotic drums. It certainly draws on 80s post punk, New Order in particular comes to mind, with a really nice dream pop vibe thrown into the mix. It’s washed out and nostalgic and shows the band as a work in progress, as detailed in this statement from the band:

“‘On my way’ has been released primarily as part of an on going battle with perfectionism and anxiety towards sharing the works of The Mirrors. It was recorded in a share house in Carlton as part of a demo body of work back in 2018. Ten of the songs were recorded hastily within hours just before Bass player Luke Scott moved to art school in Poland. The demos were uncovered recently and we have decided to release them in order to begin our public progression as artists. The single is part of an extensive backlog of works that we have been sitting on for years and are always continuing to add to. This has been my greatest life hurdle, releasing work and publicly legitimising myself as an artist. We are under no illusion that this song is in anyway a reflection of our potential as a band, and in all honesty I don’t really like the song. However this is the hardest step of any form of art and will therefor always be regarded as my proudest work. The anxiety bridge has now been crossed and we can now move forward to release and release and release, hence the name ‘On my way’.”

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