NEW MUSIC: Plaster Of Paris – Danceflaw

photo by Kalindy Williams

We’ve been loving the brand new album from Melbourne group Plaster of Paris and ‘Danceflaw’ is the perfect example of the rhythm, groove, jagged edges, attitude and melodic interplay that the trio have struck right across the record. It’s sweet and nasty, slinky and brash – all at the same time.

The disco-punk track is an untethered celebration of the queer spaces, bars and venues that shaped the identities of the band; a song dedicated to everyone who find solace with their chosen family on the dancefloors of the world, and a tribute to the lives lost five-years-ago at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

We were in LA the night of the Orlando Florida shootings,” the band recently told Trouble Juice. “There was a heavy feeling and the LGBTIQ+ community were quite afraid because we didn’t know if it was a one-off event or part of something more targeted.

“The following morning was LA Pride and shops were closed with notes pinned to the doors in solidarity to the community and mourning the lives lost. We headed to a famous gay bar in West Hollywood to support community businesses who lost out for Pride weekend. We had a drink under a huge rainbow flag and talked about gay bars, nightclubs, and dancefloors as sacred spaces for meeting chosen family [and] to be authentically queer.”

Dive into the clip below and make sure you check out the new album Lost Familiar on Bandcamp and the usual streaming services.


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