ALBUM REVIEW: Heron Oblivion – Heron Oblivion



Rating8This is the debut album from what is a veritable supergroup of modern psych rock/folk music. Meg Baird (Espers) on vocals & drums, Charlie Sauffley (Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound) and Noel Von Harmonson (Comets On Fire) on guitars, and bassist Ethan Miller (Comets On Fire, Howlin’ Rain) are your tour guides on this journey into tripped-out guitar solos, dreamy bewitching wanderings and plenty of epic, wide-ranging head music. They have the balance just right too; nothing outstays its welcome and in Baird they have a singer who brings a softer, spooky side that keeps the more masculine sonics in check. The perfect soundtrack for open-road travels and late night astral excursions.

Chris Familton


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