ALBUM REVIEW: Mazzy Star | Seasons of Your Day

square-600-6Rating8Returning with their first album in seventeen years, it quickly becomes apparent that time doesn’t equate to change in the world of Mazzy Star. That is of course a good thing if you are fan of their earlier work as here they take those key elements of Hope Sandoval’s breathless, sensual voice and David Roback’s spacious, drifting musical canvases and wrap them around a batch of beautiful, shimmering songs.

Seasons of Your Day continues the trend established by 2007’s Among My Swans where the duo peeled back some of their noisier, electric guitar layers and began to use more acoustic guitar, harmonica and lap steel. The result here is a more folk and countrified record. Still fragile and hypnotic but now coming from a more organic place. From the delicate fingerpicking of the title track and the ringing pedal steel of Does Someone Have Your Baby? to the bluesy harmonica of the closer Flying Low this is Mazzy Star getting rootsy and it works wonderfully well. They seem to operate in their own time and space and it’s a real treat to be invited back into their world once again.

by Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music



One thought on “ALBUM REVIEW: Mazzy Star | Seasons of Your Day

  1. This new album may just be the best record of the year. As the masters of a particular kind melancholy, Mazzy Star have always made beautiful music at their own pace and style. All hail the return of the great Mazzy Star!

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