NEW MUSIC: Geoffrey O’Connor | Jacqueline

DS Featured Imageoconnor

I first saw Geoffrey O’Connor in a garish woollen jumper playing with Crayon Fields at the Hopetoun Hotel. They impressed with their twee indie guitar pop, it was knowingly constructed, literate music, the sum of its parts. Fast forward to the 2012 Laneway Festival and the pasty bespectacled man in front of me was the same guy sans woolly jersey. Now O’Connor was ostensibly solo, working the stage and delivering richly-voiced and melancholic electronic dream pop. It worked, it worked wonderfully. O’Connor released his solo debut LP Vanity in 2011 and also did a wonderful guest appearance on Melodie Nelson’s LP Meditations On The Sun. Now, ahead of his second album he has released the first single Jacqueline (on Chapter Music), a song delicately perched between pastiche and honest 80s swoon pop. It works, it works wonderfully, both in terms of the conviction he brings to the song, his perfectly poised vocals and a real knack for drama that never overflows into melodrama.

Jacqueline is available now on Bandcamp. The digital release will also include remixes by Club Feet and Ben Browning (of Cut Copy). The new Geoffrey O’Connor album will be out in 2014 and Crayon Fields also have a new LP planned.

The opening bars/beats of Jacqueline also remind me of Nik Kershaw’s Dancing Girls which is a good thing.


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