ALBUM REVIEW: Shihad | The Meanest Hits

by Chris Familton

Nearing a quarter of a century together and well overdue for a greatest hits compilation, Shihad have put together a 2CD collection that reinforces the claim that they are one of the greatest rock bands to come out of New Zealand.

The best-of travels from their early speed metal origins on the Metallica-aping It, through their industrial and post punk influenced debut album Churn to its dark successor Killjoy and onto their commercial peak with The General Electric. The Meanest Hits shows that though Shihad have incorporated everything from pop melodies (Beautiful Machine) to more expansive sonics like the electronic bounce of Wait And See they have remained a visceral and dynamic band who balance controlled aggression and soaring choruses like few others.

The inclusion of their latest single Right Outta Nowhere finds them in rude health with a pummeling groove and Toogood’s chorus that ruthlessly wedges itself in your brain. It is a promising sign that this 38 song retrospective in’t a gravestone but rather an impressive signpost in their illustrious career.

this review was first published on FasterLouder


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