INTERVIEW: Before Last Night | Chicks Who Love Guns

Chicks Who Love Guns have the headline honours down at The Gaelic this Friday for Purple Sneakers’ Last Night. I’ve been down there the last two weeks and the place has been going off to the likes of Die! Die! Die! and Parades. This week there will be a damn sight more punk and less indie. In a live review last year I described CHLG as…

These guys all went through high school and in many ways still look like a high school band, fresh faced and growing into themselves. Musically though they are nearly fully formed with a wild thrashing sound bound together by coruscating guitars, primal drumming and vocals dripping with attitude. Though some songs seemed to be built more on energy than great ideas their set improved as they relaxed into the music and a faint whiff of danger crept in. Frontman Cass Navarro fills the role with aplomb, prowling, swaggering and showing some Iggy Pop sneer and disdain when required. Vocally he shape-shifts between Mr Pop and the garage rock exaltations of the now defunct D4.

We had a chat with frontman Cass Navarro and this is what he had to say…


Do any of you have any pre-gig rituals? We’re a five peice which makes it hard to split the rider usually, especially when we were on tour and all wanted to drink – so our pre-gig ritual is often playing some sort of annoying game (eg. whoever bounces a bottle cap into a glass first wins the extra beers, or best score on some stupid iphone game etc)
we get so into it though. Makes the time between soundcheck and the gig go pretty fast too.

What do you personally bring to the sound of your band? The Vocal sound? Um, I sing and write the melody/lyrics/yell yells. Without me, there would be nothing to make people go “How does that song go, the one where you can’t understand the chorus and what the singer is saying?”…“oh yeah, that girls with guns band – I hate them”

In 12 months time, what do you hope to have achieved musically? We’d like to head overseas and do some shows but when exactly I don’t know. I guess something more immediate would be to be able to play to good crowds interstate, make some good friends and drink some free beers.

If you could curate Last Night, who would be your dream line-up? A re-formed Talons opening up for a re-formed The Scare. Non broken up band dream lineup would be us opening for Odd Future.

The last song you wrote, what is it about? Getting your make up done by a thai ladyboy.

Recording/Touring – if you had to choose one which would it be? Touring! We did a couple of weeks with Howl (now Hunting Grounds) and Grinners and had the best time going to little towns we’d never been to and drinking free beers and being stupid with the Howl guys to the point where we were all exhausted and felt like shit but it was so worth it.

Which Australian artist/band is setting the standard at the moment? The first Australian band to have caught my eye for ages are Mother & Son. I think they’re from the ‘Gong. Two piece, surf/rockabilly/ badass.


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