LIVE REVIEW: Die! Die! Die! @ The Gaelic, Sydney (01/04/11)

Die! Die! Die! | photo by Chris Familton

written by Chris Familton

Purple Sneakers’ recent move into gig nights showed they aren’t content to rely on just the pulling power of indie DJs and a nightclub atmosphere. It reconfirms their commitment to live music and with their Last Night event they’ve been showcasing some of the best local and international acts making waves in indiedom.

Bleeding Knees Club have been building a reputation for short, fast garage punk rock and they showed they were able to bang out a brief yet infectious set of songs. The duo have a healthy streak of slacker vibe, casual disdain and self effacing humour about them – the perfect mix for the music they play. Songs like Have Fun and Bad Guys from last year’s Virginity EP were wholly representative of their Jay Reatard/Black Lips approach and they were a bunch of fun like a 60s beach party.

Die! Die! Die! are one of those bands that never fails to impress live and tonight was no different. You knew that frontman Andrew Wilson would descend into the audience, that bassist Lachlan Anderson would bounce and lurch madly around the stage and that drummer Michael Prain would play as taut and intensely as ever – but that predictability still seems unpredictable when combined with volume, coruscating post punk guitar and pummeling – almost industrial rhythms.

They too played a set that felt too short but their music works best as short, sharp shocks. At times Anderson was a dead ringer for Ian Curtis – staring blankly out into space above the audience’s shaking heads while his wave bass-lines acted like musical anchors. There were moments when just bass and drums kept things moving while Wilson prowled the stage, barking out A.T.T.I.T.U.D. or getting hyper-melodic with oohs and las. The whoo! in We Built Our Own Oppressors felt like a call to arms for the crowd who slowly but surely were drawn into the band’s sonic world. By the time Wilson leapt with guitar and mic stand into the swaying throng they finally relented and engaged in a gentle yet exuberant indie mosh with grins plastered as bodies collided.

With Die! Die! Die! heading to the northern hemisphere for some extended touring it may be some time before we see them back here but if they keep building their reputation for stellar live performances like the one we witnessed they’ll surely have an eager and larger audience awaiting them.

this review first appeared in Drum Media

See all the photos from the show on our Flickr page HERE

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