ALBUM REVIEW: Step-Panther – Strange But Nice

Step-Panther’s debut self-titled album was a mixed bag that pegged them as a band still finding their feet and throwing paint to see what might stick. Three years on, they’ve evolved from a short attention span garage-rock band with too many ideas to a ‘90s alternative rock-flavoured trio with plenty of good ideas and the ability to shape and execute them. Frontman Stephen Bourke has … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Step-Panther – Strange But Nice

NEW MUSIC: Step-Panther | Nowhere

They’ve been quiet on the live front for the last while but Step-Panther have been busy recording their new album with Big Scary’s Tom Iansek. The album Strange But Nice is due out in August via HUB/Inertia and here’s the video for its first single, ‘Nowhere’. Shades of Sonic Youth and 3Ds permeate the song before a hypnotic wave of tumbling guitar notes wash over the song and chugging distorted chords … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Step-Panther | Nowhere