Metal Momentz: The Big Four cover Diamond Head…

The Big Four tour that many thought would bnever come to fruition is winging its way around the world at the moment as well as being broadcast in movie theatres for those who can’t get to the shows. Check HERE for details on screenings in your country/city.

In the meantime you can watch members of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax getting together onstage in Sofia for a run through Diamond Head’s Am I Evil.

REVIEW: SLAYER – World Painted Blood

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Reviewed for The Dwarf

Metal is one of the few genres that should always be taken with a grain of salt. From the poodle rockers to the thrash metallers and the po-faced post-metal moodists there is the overwhelming impression of people taking themselves too seriously. Fans of metal either fall into the category of obsessive listeners who are dazzled by the technical speed and dexterity of the musicians or those who appreciate and often enjoy it but accept the ridiculous nature of the evil posturing.
Slayer are one band that sit on top of the holy mountain of metal. Alongside Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax they are at least the kings of thrash, if not metal in general. Their success had been built largely on their classic Reign In Blood album but also with their unswerving devotion to the metal idiom of aggression, speed and breakneck precision.
The ridiculously titled World Painted Blood is no exception to their tried and true formula but it does see them injecting it with fresh life and energy. Rick Rubin acts as executive producer but outside his undoubtedly large influence it really does feel like 4 men with their heads down, playing their instruments like their lives depend on it.
The big songs on the album that stick in your mind are the title track with its mood generating first minute that launches into that familiar razor sharp riffing and machine gun drumming from Dave Lombardo; Unit 731 with its insane speed and Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman’s soloing; the slow grinding menace of Beauty Through Order and the almost glam stomp of Americon that sounds like an advancing cyber army.
Playing With Dolls surprises with Tom Araya’s vocals not initially being screamed and one of the slowest grooves they have committed to tape. The central riff is like a deathly take on Rage Against The Machine. Of course they can’t help but take the song into familiar Slayer territory but it is an insight into a band willing to step outside a very small square.
Most of Slayer are involved in writing the lyrics but they could come from a single pen, such is the standard subject matter of government, oil for money, organised religion and death. Hate Worldwide is typical of their rallying cries with lines such as “I’m a godless heretic / Not a god fearing lunatic / That’s why it’s become my obsession / To treat God like an infection’.
So Slayer keep on doing what they do best – writing brutal and nihilistic metal. It is unflinching in its purity, regardless of how seriously you view their approach. Fans of the band will hungrily devour World Painted Blood and no doubt hold it high as a true return to form.

NEWS: SLAYER to play Reign In Blood in full…

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Alongside their pending tour of Australia and New Zealand with Megadeth, Slayer have announced they will be playing a special ONE TIME ONLY Australian show featuring their metal masterpiece REIGN IN BLOOD in full.

Brutal and uncompromising, Reign in Blood is perhaps THE defining thrash metal album.

Thu Oct 15- Big Top Luna Park- Sydney
Tickets on sale 9am, Wed 16th Sept from 132 849, Utopia Records 02 9571 6662, 1300 BIG TOP

Register your details at for your chance to attend an exclusive listening session prior to the show of the brand new Slayer album World Painted Blood, out October 30th.


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slayer-eagle-red-artThrash metal frontrunners Slayer return with ‘Hate Worldwide’ and ‘Psychopathy Red’, two tracks from their forthcoming album World Painted Blood. Both songs continue the relentless and pummelling attack of a band that has been leading the way for metal for 28 years.

In other Slayer news, the band will beheading to Australia and New Zealand in October on a double bill tour with Megadeth.

Tickets on sale Monday 10th August 2009

Monday 5th October Logan Campbell Centre Auckland – 0800 TICKETEK (842538)

Wednesday 7th October – Riverstage Brisbane – 136 100, Rocking Horse 07 3229 5360

Thursday 8th October – Hordern Pavilion Sydney – 132 849, Utopia Records 02 9571 6662

Friday 9th October – Festival Hall Melbourne – 136 100, Festival Hall Box Office 288 Rosslyn St West Melbourne

Sunday 11th October – The Barton Theatre Adelaide – 08 8225 8888

Tuesday 13th October – Challenge Stadium Perth – 136 100