Favourite Albums of 2015

Another year comes to a close and it’s time for the end-of-year lists to be revealed. Here at Doubtful Sounds we’ve had another 12 months deeply immersed in Americana music (alt. country & folk) so you’ll find plenty of albums from that genre on the list below. That’s not to say we didn’t listen to plenty of other styles of music. As usual we wrapped … Continue reading Favourite Albums of 2015


Here we are again at list time, halfway through 2013 and already there have been a swathe of great albums released. We’ve been listening to an eclectic mix of stuff as usual including dub electronica, skronking freeform saxophone, abrasive art rock, retro-leaning post punk and heartstring americana. These are the records we’ve loved the most from what we’ve heard this year. There will be others … Continue reading 2013 MID YEAR FAVOURITE ALBUMS

DS Top Electronic Releases of 2012

This is by no means a snapshot across all forms of electronic music as I have little interest in some strands such as trance, commercial dance music or the mainstream adoption and bastardisation of the name dubstep. I say ‘the name’ as the music itself bears little resemblance to the sounds that were created under that tag through the 00s. My tastes instead drift towards … Continue reading DS Top Electronic Releases of 2012

2009 Top 25 Albums

Another year, another shitload of great albums. As soon as you start thinking it is feeling like a quiet year they come tumbling out of the woodwork and the end of year culling process becomes as tricky as ever. Honorable mentions must go to two outstanding EPs: Bon Iver’s Blood Bank and Witch Hats’ Solarium Down The Causeway as well as the following reissues: Neil … Continue reading 2009 Top 25 Albums