2009 Top 25 Albums

Another year, another shitload of great albums. As soon as you start thinking it is feeling like a quiet year they come tumbling out of the woodwork and the end of year culling process becomes as tricky as ever.

Honorable mentions must go to two outstanding EPs: Bon Iver’s Blood Bank and Witch Hats’ Solarium Down The Causeway as well as the following reissues:

  • Neil Young Archives – a stellar collection that sets a new standard in box sets and career overviews… and its just the beginning of the series!
  • Kraftwerk Remaster series – the electronic pioneers were overdue for a reappraisal and these new versions of their classic albums prove they were the electronic originators and still the masters.
  • The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses. A clean-up of an album that defined its time.
  • Pearl Jam – Ten. A worthy replacement for the muddy and billowing sound of the original.
  • The Beatles Remaster series – A chance to hear the songs in a totally new light.

Our favourite albums of 2009 (click on the links to read reviews) are as follows… Let us know your thoughts!

25.  Gallows | Grey Britain

24.  Odawas | The Blue Depths

23.  Felice Brothers | Yonder Is The Clock

22.  J. Tillman | Vacilando Territory Blues

21.  Wilco | Wilco (the album)

20.  Sonic Youth | The Eternal

19. The Maladies | With You Right By My Side, Baby The Deal Just Can’t Go Down

18.  Vetiver | Tight Knit

17.  Wooden Shjips | Dos

16.  The Scare | Oozevoodoo

15.  Black Lips | 200 Million Thousand

14. Dimmer | Degrees Of Existence

13.  Jamie Hutchings | His Imaginary Choir

12.  Grizzly Bear | Veckatimest

11.  Fink | Sort Of Revolution

10.  Songs | Songs

9.  The Flaming Lips | Embryonic

8.  Leader Cheetah – The Sunspot Letters

7.  The Fiery Furnaces | I’m Going Away

6.  Dinosaur Jr | Farm

5.  Justin Townes Earle | Midnight At The Movies

4.  Jay Reatard | Watch Me Fall

3.  Magnolia Electric Co | Josephine

2.  Girls – Album

1. Wild Beasts | Two Dancers

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