Hippie Days Are Here Again Dan Kelly thought he was going to write and record and quick follow-up to his 2010 album Dan Kelly’s Dream but instead songs were scrapped and re-written, countries were explored and finally, after unexpectedly meeting an old friend in the main street of Nimbin the seed for Leisure Panic was planted, as Kelly explains to Chris Familton. That jump-off point … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Dan Kelly

ALBUM REVIEW: Dan Kelly – Leisure Panic

Dan Kelly has hit his finest streak of songwriting on his latest solo album. There’s a sense of pop wonderment about these songs as they diversify into all kinds of colourful shapes. Sometimes it’s dripping with sweet soul ‘(Haters’), drifting on a cloud of dream-pop (‘National Park‘) or hitting interstellar overdrive on the epic pulsing krautrock of the opening track. The psychedelic flavour of Kelly’s … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Dan Kelly – Leisure Panic

NEW MUSIC: Dan Kelly – Never Stop The Rot

The last time I saw Dan Kelly live was a few years ago at the ATP festival in Melbourne and he impressed with his full band hitting all kinds of indie rock, Krautrock and psychedelic angles. Kelly’s new album Leisure Panic is coming out via ABC Music on October 9th and this is the first single ‘Never Stop The Rot’. A freewheeling Pavement-esque slice of … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Dan Kelly – Never Stop The Rot