ALBUM REVIEW: Gorillaz – The Now Now

Over the last 30 years you’d be hard pressed to find an artist who has equally embraced music that appeals equally to the commercial pop world and the more discerning and eclectic listener. Damon Albarn really is a man for all seasons, a polymorphic, post-modern songwriter with an insatiable creative streak that has seen him find success, primarily in Blur and Gorillaz, but also with … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Gorillaz – The Now Now

WATCH: Damon Albarn | Everyday Robots

Damon Albarn only just announced the details of his first solo record a few date ago and now he’s ushered the video for the title track out into the virtual world. Everyday Robots is a synthetic, melancholic track with shades of trip hop that sounds utterly Albarn, the logical combination of his work in Blur and numerous other musical projects. Everyday Robots is out on … Continue reading WATCH: Damon Albarn | Everyday Robots