NEWS: Flying Nun announce The Stones compilation


The Stones (Wayne Elsey – guitar, vocals, Jeff Batts – bass, vocals, Graeme Anderson – drums, vocals)

The band were something of an enigma on the scene that surrounded the iconic Flying Nun Records label in the early 1980s. Wayne Elsey had previously been in Bored Games with Shayne Carter (who went on to forge an illustrious career with Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer) and after The Stones split the pair reunited in Double Happys before Elsey’s life was tragically cut short in a train accident in 1985.

Now Flying Nun and Captured Tracks are releasing the album Three Blind Mice which includes the bands’ contribution to Flying Nun’s Dunedin Double, tracks from their 1983 EP Another Disc Another Dollar as well as never heard before live recordings that capture the attitude and raw and catchy garage rock/Velvet Underground/The Fall sound of the band.

Curated by New Zealand noise legend Bruce Russell (The Dead C, Xpressway Records), with liner notes by Shayne Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Bored Games), the compilation also features design + illustrations from Alec Bathgate and Chris Knox and was mastered by Tex Houston (The Clean, 3D’s).

Track List:

  1. Gunner Ho
  2. See Red
  3. Mother/Father
  4. At the Café
  5. Something New
  6. Final Days
  7. Down and Around
  8. Funky Conversations
  9. Surf’s Up
  10. Fad World
  11. It’s a Shame (Live at the Rumba – May 1983)*
  12. We Live (Live at the Rhumba – Dec 15, 1982)*
  13. Rumba (Live at Victoria University, Dec 6, 1982)*
  14. Everywhere Man (Live at the Rumba – May 1983)*
  15. Diamond Dirt (Live at the Rumba – May 1983)*
  16. Think About It (Live at Victoria University, Dec 6, 1982)*
  17. Looking at You (Live at Albert Tavern, Jun 28, 1983)*
  18. Ward 9 (Live at the Rumba – May 1983)*
  19. Route 69 (Live at Albert Tavern, Jun 28, 1983)*



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