ALBUM REVIEW: The Jim Jones Revue | The Savage Heart

by Chris Familton

With a reputation born mainly from their sweat and swagger live shows, The Jim Jones Revue have finally captured some of that frantic magic on their third and best album The Savage Heart.

Breathing new life into purist rock n roll isn’t an easy task when you consider the originators of the genre and the huge number of the bands over the decades who have succeeded and failed at nailing its energy and attitude, yet Jones and his gang make it sound vital all over again. The Savage Heart is bristling with a sneering rebellion that sometimes borders on pastiche but like the best musical characters (Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Little Richard) Jim Jones will make you a believer. The band rip through Stooges-styled garage rock, barroom piano shakedowns (Where Da Money Go?) and the sleazy slow groove of Eagle Eye Ball. Call and response vocals and superb piano playing are two  key features of the album’s sound that ensure The Savage Heart isn’t as primitive as first impressions might suggest. If you’re looking for a fix of primal rock n roll with genuine depth and vigor this is it.

this review was first published on FasterLouder


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